5 Min. Sundays for Better Workweek

Being a parent is tough. Add to that being responsible at work or in your own business, and the load can be crushing. For most that load is carried Monday through Friday and then the weekends look totally different. So when we hit the road on Monday morning its a mad dash to get to the TGIF finish line (not the restaurant, the motto Thank God It’s Friday).

Here’s a tip to make things easier. Sundays are usually pretty mellow right? Maybe some church, some sleeping in, or some “I’m not doing anything today” are on the docket. Try this. Pick pen & paper or email – whichever is safest and stress-free (my email is like a deserted island on Sundays) – and write down your GOALS & CHALLENGES for the week.

This is a 5 min. exercise so don’t cheat. Set a timer. Here you can mentally vent on work, dream of family time, or plan for your next adventure. Sure you may find your 5 minutes is up and all you’ve done is vent about work, but you’ll probably have a clear idea of what needs to get done. Possibly you’ll even come up with a solution. The goal is to just get what’s rattling around in your head onto paper and out into the world.

Boyd, that’s stupid. Maybe, but it’s also making life real. When we talk about things or actually put them in physical form, we can THEN decide if they’re worth worrying and stressing about. Best part is you just spent 5 minutes and you’ve got a starting plan for Monday morning. Oftentimes, those words you put out there will now have all of Sunday and Sunday night to work through your waking and subconscious mind. You’ll wake up Monday morning with your running shoes on and knowing what your REAL week needs to look like.