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Aren’t SuperFriends Reason Enough to CoWork?

Had a chat with someone today about the subject of CoWorking and cemented in my mind why coworking matters. First off, coworking, or shared office space, is the way of the future. I’m not talking like Dippin’ Dots being the ice cream of the future, I’m talking about businesses no longer wanting to house their […]

5 Min. Sundays for Better Workweek

Being a parent is tough. Add to that being responsible at work or in your own business, and the load can be crushing. For most that load is carried Monday through Friday and then the weekends look totally different. So when we hit the road on Monday morning its a mad dash to get to […]

Phoneless Phear

I’ve seen more random posts on social media lately where folks either lost their cellphone or forgot it when going on a trip. Their words are dreamlike as they share how magical and technicolor-filled their world became during their phone’s absence. Doesn’t that sound like a mini-staycation for your soul? I know, I know, some […]

How Politics Brings Us Together

5:55. That was what time I needed to be at the Neighborhood Church for the Epworth precinct. My job was to be one of those mostly nameless volunteers – though we’re paid a stipend – who make it so your vote gets counted. I knew it would be a long day as there are no […]

I Had a Dream

There was a conference room and about 5 folks casually around a table. Talking very openly about business strategy but in a way that was slightly askew. They weren’t talking about a product or service but about the “spirit” of business. Why we do what we do. It was about the Spirit of CoWorking I […]

Do Our Kids Know What is Real?

I’m worried for our kids and country. For the past year or so, we’ve all been bombarded with the term “fake news”. Sometimes it’s shouted by our politicians, sometimes by existing news outlets, and, I’m guessing, often by parents of young ones. Will this new generation understand what is real as they grow up? The […]

Is bellydancing “optional” in today’s coworking world?

I keep coming back to this question as I plot the course for WONDERSHOP. Sure I want to provide a coworking community space that connects with the neighborhoods I serve but am I missing something? When I tell members from Candler Park, Lake Claire, Inman Park, Kirkwood, & Edgewood that bellydancing is “optional”, am I […]

Need a FREE Week?

Well, can’t give you 7 extra days of free time but can give you a space to breathe in. Come cowork in Candler Park all next week (free coffee, chit-chat, & desk/table) for FREE when you sign up for July. Like getting 5 for the price of 4… kinda. Love to show you around, connect […]


WONDERSHOP is 2 things: Atlanta’s first hyper local community coworking space Proud to be uncool While some real estate companies turn unrented office space into coworking beehives, I took a different approach and asked myself, “Why shouldn’t people work where they live?” So a cool, cozy, exposed brick hideaway in plain sight was born in […]