Is bellydancing “optional” in today’s coworking world?

I keep coming back to this question as I plot the course for WONDERSHOP. Sure I want to provide a coworking community space that connects with the neighborhoods I serve but am I missing something? When I tell members from Candler Park, Lake Claire, Inman Park, Kirkwood, & Edgewood that bellydancing is “optional”, am I missing an opportunity?

These are the questions that give me indigestion, make me turn off America’s Got Talent, and pour another glass of buttermilk before heading into my secret home lair to question my business mind. There are a million things required to have a successful business. Actually, if you want to stay open longer than a couple of years, there are probably a BILLION things. Top of the list for me these days are

  • Did I name it right?
  • What was I thinking by signing a 3-year lease?
  • Is coworking a flash in the pan?
  • Will the community welcome the space I’ve created?
  • How can I convince people to spread the word about coworking here?
  • Can I find teachers/mentors to use the space after hours?
  • Has my wife already signed me up for a size 42 straight jacket?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally, 100% sure I’ve done the right thing. My hubris would never let me down. It’s just have I done things in the right order, at the right time, and for the right audience? These are the questions that plague every business owner. The second-guessing can give you ulcers, make you miss precious family moments, and take you away from being the best YOU possible.

So it’s listening to this “inner voice” – or “inner devil” as I like to call him – that keeps me up at night. Some call it The Lizard Brain. The fight or flight instincts that are down deep in each of us to try and keep us safe. Running a biz is not about safety though. That means you HAVE to ignore that Inner Devil. The only way to quiet it is to DO THE WORK and keep doing it. Trust your gut and fix the things you got wrong.

Time will tell if I got it right. Checked out Dave Payne’s Real Founder Lessons today (visit HERE) and it struck me how extra-brave some folks are when starting a biz. Five Guys founder has quite a story that’s bold and relentlessly focused on what’s the best he can do serving people who want what he has. I’m sure there were challenging times but he’s on the other side now.

So should I make bellydancing MANDATORY since it’s right next door? Probably not. Best to just keep doing best that I can with what I got for the people who matter. But would be quite a memorable biz hook.